Episode 8: Maxim Ludwig

Air date: 5.4.2011

Maxim Ludwig
Ludwig is the bastard son of a Born To Run-era Bruce Springsteen and country rock pioneer Gram Parsons. In other words, his music is replete with roots rock earnestness in a time when wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve may not be in fashion. His confident melodies will get you singing along in no time and his able backup band, The Santa Fe Seven, will get your feet moving… or at least hoisting a lighter right before their encore. Maxim and The Santa Fe Seven have been tearing up Los Angeles in the last couple years and have just returned from a very buzz-y trip to SXSW this March where they opened up for Duran Duran.
Download "To Be With Sweet Marie"
"A Fistfight (Tonight)"
"In The Tenderloin"