Episode 80: Big Harp

Air date: 5.29.2013

Big Harp
Maturing as a musician is a peculiar process. Young bands often have a reputation for playing too loud or too fast. But maturity doesn't necessarily mean quieter or softer songs; it can mean simply that a band or artist's sound evolves over time as their lives inevitably change. Stagnation can spell artistic doom for a musician and some artists have leveraged their evolution into a long and successful career. The duo that makes up Los Angeles' Big Harp are most certainly grownups. They are married and have children, but their inventive brand of indie-noise-folk is anything but grown up boring. Singer/guitarist Chris Senseney's insightful stories are delivered in a warm baritone that is evocative of some strange but effective hybrid of Lyle Lovett and Leonard Cohen. Stefanie Drootin-Senseney's vocals provide a breathy sweetness that complements the sour of her partner's gruff musings, while her fuzzed-out bass brings a whimsical edge that keeps the whole operation from drifting too far into ponderous, introspective songwriter territory. And no matter how they're dressed up in their DIY production, the ten songs on their sophomore release, "Chain Letters" all find a different way to please your music palate.
Download "Q & A"
"At Your Door"
"Outside In The Snow"
"Waiting For You To Come Home"
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