Episode 83: Mitch Marine - Drummer for Dwight Yoakam

Air date: 6.19.2013

Mitch Marine - Drummer for Dwight Yoakam
There is no doubt that being a professional musician means taking all kinds of gigs. Gigs can be recording dates, playing live shows, teaching and performing in more unorthodox venues under sometimes-dubious circumstances - anything to keep at it. One type of gig that nearly all musicians strive and starve for is called "the gravy gig" - a type of regular, well-paying situation that frequently brings in a reliable income and allows them the relative freedom to pursue other musical goals without as much concern for its profitability. Drummer Mitch Marine had been in the music business for nearly two decades when he got the call to join country pioneer Dwight Yoakam's band. Since then, Marine has recorded four albums with Yoakam, including 2012's acclaimed "3 Pears," and played hundreds of shows all over the world. It's a class-A gravy gig, and Marine has used the stability that comes with playing with a major artist to build a respectable career as a producer and session drummer with a growing list of artists to his credit and a keen ear for polishing the music artists he produces the perfect amount.
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