Episode 85: Alias Means

Air date: 7.17.2013

Alias Means
The element of quirkiness can be an important aspect of an artist's music, and their personality. Some bands take it to the bank - think They Might Be Giants or Barenaked Ladies. Other bands add a bit of quirk to a very deft hand at songwriting and jump-start their career from there. Todd Snider's uber-clever "Beer Run" got him the attention, the laughs and the accolades necessary to build a solid career, and he's still renowned for a clever turn of phrase. But when you start off going for laughs, it can be hard to be taken seriously when it's time to tackle more serious subject matter in song. But for some artists, a Crispin Glover-like sense of quirk is simply their natural state of being, and that's just the unique territory of Los Angeles' Alias Means. Perhaps only an artist truly native to L.A.'s eclectic Silverlake neighborhood could so readily manage Means' somewhat illogical balance between quirk and heart. And maybe this driven lack of self-consciousness is the result of his newfound perspective on mortality after recently surviving a near-fatal head injury. Although it may provide some motivation, bouncing back from a major trauma does not solve the age-old challenges of financing an independent record. For that, Means employed his own quirky solution and raised the money by gambling at casinos. The show must go on, so they say, by any means necessary. His debut full-length, sin-financed record, Light Matter, will be released on August 27th.
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"Things I Can't Explain"
"Thor's Scene"
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