Episode 86: Ted Wulfers

Air date: 7.24.2013

Ted Wulfers
If you look up the phrase 'Renaissance man' while flipping through a dictionary, it will describe such a person as someone "who has acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field." Being a professional musician in the new music paradigm fairly requires a level of acumen in diverse disciplines. Even artists with management need to be versed in social media, recording technology and the Internet, in addition to being accomplished musicians with a tireless and diligent work ethic. And being a successful musician also takes luck, and luck favors the prepared. Ted Wulfers is just that sort of artist. He has recorded five albums in eight years, including Lucky No. 7, which was released in January of 2013. He tours nationally as well as holding court at a weekly residency in Los Angeles, while splitting his time between L.A. and his hometown of Chicago. Wulfers owns and manages his own vintage recording studio, makes appearances on other artists' albums, scores music for video games, and still found time to catch a fish sizable enough to be featured in an exhibit in Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. His live shows are sometimes a Springsteen-esque three to four hours in length, and if you want to learn how to earn a living in music, listen up, but stay out of Ted Wulfers' way.
Download "Stay A Little While"
"The Ditty Bop Hop"
"Heavens to Betsy"
"Dreams Come True"