Episode 9: Dafni

Air date: 5.11.2011

Dafni is a singer/songwriter who centers her melting pot of folk, jazz, pop and other styles with her breezy vocals and several albums’ worth of accessible songs. She'’s a true professional with a work ethic that gets her scores of gigs while other musicians are still trying to decide which hat to wear to their shows. She’s a modern day renaissance woman who holds advanced degrees in psychology and chemistry and maintains a rigorous exercise regimen on top of her busy career in music. (Makes one wonder when she sleeps, if at all.) Her musical aspirations brought her from her sleepy hometown of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to her new home in Los Angeles where she fronts a regular band and can be found playing throughout the city.
Download "Under The Blue Skies"
"Gloomy Day"
"Many Reasons Why"
"Carried Away"
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