Episode 91: Colin Gilmore

Air date: 10.9.2013

Colin Gilmore

Having a famous last name might open a few doors in the music business, but when your pedigree is in the realm of hallowed Texas singer/songwriters, that name doesn’t buy you the respect essential to your own success.  Those stripes must be earned.  Such is the case of Colin Gilmore.  His shares the last name of his father, Jimmie Dale – a singer, songwriter and guitarist, member of The Flatlanders and sometime actor who played a bowling opponent to The Dude and Walter in the 1998 Coen Brothers film, The Big Lebowski.  Colin grew up in Lubbock, Texas, and as much as there must be something in the water in that west Texas town that breeds good writers, there is also something in Colin Gilmore’s blood that gives him a leg up on his songwriting contemporaries.  For his recently released third album, The Wild and Hollow, he found inspiration in both Austin and Chicago and the expanded palate is palpable in the material.  More importantly, he’s earning his stripes the old fashioned way – by becoming a Texas troubadour in his own right and traveling around the country with his guitar and ever-growing repertoire of songs.

Download "Into My Future"
"Feel Like Falling"
"Free Money"
"The You That I Knew"
"Blue Shadows"
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