Episode 92: Mike Chylinski of Arrow Highway

Air date: 10.16.2013

Mike Chylinski of Arrow Highway

In some circles, musicians joke about whether or not drummers are musicians at all.  Sure, some drummer sing (Don Henley and Phil Collins come to mind) and some drummers redefine the art of the instrument, but some of those people behind the kit on the riser at center stage are a lot more versatile than a glorified metronome. Mike Chylinski is just this kind of artist.  After co-founding the London-based dream pop band, Drugstore in 1993, Chylinski decided to go a lot farther down the road of his artistic journey.  He set off to document landscapes, both in photography and in instrumental sonic tapestries.  The photographs were exhibited recently in Switzerland and Atlanta… and the music eventually took on the name of his newest solo project, Arrow Highway.  The instrumentals on Arrow Highway are evocative of U2 and Peter Gabriel producer Daniel Lanois’ stark soundscapes, and they’ve provided a picture-perfect accompaniment to projects by National Public Radio.  The first album features and 11-song cycle and will be available for download in September 2013.

Download "Western Electric"
"Just Exactly How It Should Go"
"Wading Home"
"Everyone I Know"