Episode 93: Jonathan Clark

Air date: 10.23.2013

Jonathan Clark

What, exactly, denotes success in the music business?  Is it making a handsome living without a day job?  Is it playing for thousands of adoring fans?  Is it selling millions of records?  Or is it something more elusive, like writing great songs regardless who hears them or staying true to your artistic vision whether or not you sell lots of tickets?  Jonathan Clark might have something to say about all these questions.  Clark is perhaps best known as a successful session vocalist and bass player – his current marquee gig is playing in genre-busing country star Dwight Yoakam’s crack band, but he has also backed up heavy hitters like Glen Frey, Don Henley and Joe Walsh from The Eagles, Michael McDonald, Peter Cetera, Laura Brannigan and Christopher Cross.  But Clark is not simply the guy who provides harmony vocals and the low end for household names.  His most recent release, I’m Just Sayin’, should convince any nonbelievers that Clark is a top-notch artist in his own right.  The twelve songs on the record are catchy and expertly produced, and they are delivered with his confident and accessible voice.  Jonathan Clark is, simply put, a success by any measure.

Download "I'll Be There"
"Marisa Smiles"
"Saying Goodbye"
"The Truth"
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