Episode 94: The Native Sibling

Air date: 11.13.2013

The Native Sibling

Siblings can be rivals, competing for attention and sometimes taking their conflicts to open warfare. Add the pressures of fame and creative tension and legendary skirmishes are born. Ray and Dave Davies from the Kinks used to get in fistfights both onstage and off, and they are far from the only examples of sibling strife in the music business. But siblings can also work together and create a whole that is even greater than the sum of what would otherwise be non-blood relation parts.  The siblings that make up the Los Angeles-based duo, The Native Sibling, Ryan and Kaylee Williams, grew up in pastoral Santa Cruz, California. But it wasn’t until Ryan visited Kaylee while she was studying in Ireland that their creative collaboration would begin to germinate. Kaylee had been moonlighting singing traditional folk songs in local pubs when Ryan took a break from his busy schedule as a professional guitarist to visit her. There, some 5,000 miles from their homes in California, their musical paths had converged and they realized that they had found themselves at a point where the new songs that were spilling out necessitated making music together. They dubbed their collaboration The Native Sibling and released an EP, toured up and down the California coast and then raised funds for a full-length album. The result will be 2014’s Letters Kept To Ourselves, and the record features sparse, acoustic instrumentation, shared melodies and warm harmonies on ten songs that speak to the kind of unique artistic perspective that sibling cooperation can generate.          

Download "Save Home"
"Carry You"
"Evening's Wake"
"Here With Me"
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