Episode 98: George Stanford

Air date: 12.18.2013

George Stanford

Musicians have been leaving their hometowns for greener pastures for decades.  The allure of a bigger city with more opportunity can be a beacon to performers from towns with a handful of stoplights.  And there just aren’t as many recoding studios and music business executives in America’s innumerable small towns as there are in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville.  But sometimes, an artist from a big city moves to another one for other reasons.  A change of scenery can do wonders for artistic inspiration.  And some people make the journey because they discover that they share more of a kinship with people from other places with different ways of going about their lives.  Or perhaps they’re just tired of shoveling snow.  Songwriter George Stanford is originally from Philadelphia, and he first came to Los Angeles to make a record.  But when the record was finished something made him stay, and in the six and a half years since he came west he has put down some serious roots here among the palm trees and gentle ocean breezes.  He has one full-length album and two EPs under his belt and he is currently putting the finishing touches on his sophomore release. His songs are a mixture of styles, but they are all anchored with his soulful tenor voice and a slightly unorthodox style on the guitar.

Download "Happy As You Are"
"I Can See The Music"
"Meet Me In L.A."
"I Won't Back Down"
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