Episode 99: The Moth & the Flame

Air date: 1.29.2014

The Moth & the Flame

The origins of electronic music can be traced back to the origins of electronic technology itself.  As soon as tinkerers started creating sounds with synthesized instruments, writers started experimenting and composing music with them. Wholly new styles were created, and more forward thinking established artists started incorporating electronic elements into their new music.  Robert Moog brought the first commercially available synthesizer to market in 1965, and it soon found its way onto albums by household names like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Doors – along with anyone else with the wherewithal to create art by turning a bunch of knobs.  Synthesizers became a cornerstone in progressive rock and evolving electronic technology continued to revolutionize music and the way it was made throughout the ensuing decades.  By 2014, younger musicians have grown up in a world where this technology has always existed.  The Moth & the Flame is a Los Angeles-based band that approaches their music like a tabula rasa – a blank slate upon which they indiscriminately add elements of traditional and electronic instruments.  The result is catchy, ethereal, driving and haunting. They established their style on their eponymous full-length debut in 2011, and followed it up with a six-song EP named Ampersand in late 2013.  Not content to coast, The Moth & the Flame are planning on releasing a brand new record in 2014 that will likely see their fan base continue to grow.

Download "Winsome"
"Wishing Well"
"Holy War"
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