Episodes: FFWD

Checking in with...  Ted Wulfers

Air date: 4.13.2017

Ted Wulfers Photo by Ted Wulfers

Ted Wulfers grew up playing baseball, dreaming of being in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and idolizing his hometown team, the hapless Chicago Cubs - a legendary baseball franchise that was a lifetime into a World Series drought during which they hadn't won it all since 1908. Fast-forward to November 2nd of 2016. That rainly night in Cleveland, the Cubs accomplished what had seemed impossible for over a century and broke their curse by beating the Cleveland Indians four games to three. The lovable losers were losers no more. Wulfers, having long since traded in his bat, glove and cleats for guitars and microphones, wrote a simple ode to the history he'd just witnessed. That song, "The Cubs Won It All In 2016" was recorded by Wulfers alone in his home studio in the wee hours of the night. When he was finished, Wulfers posted it on the Internet and went to bed. By the time he awoke, he had dozens of voicemail messages and the song was being shared far and wide on social media and was getting airplay on Chicago radio; it had already become part of the legend. Wulfers first joined us on Independent's Day for Episode 86 in July of 2013, and we're glad to welcome him back to talk about his new baseball song's special Record Store Day 2017 vinyl release - and how he got himself into the Baseball Hall of Fame - one way or another.

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