Episodes: FFWD

Checking in with...  Pi Jacobs

Air date: 6.8.2017

Pi Jacobs

Pi Jacobs has come a long way since her first ID episode - #61, way back in December of 2012. She has a new album, recorded after the good people of Traviana Records reached out to her while she was touring the American Southeast. She signed with Traviana and recorded A Little Blue at the label's studio in rural Virginia. It's a long way from home for a California hippie soul singer, but the results are self-evident, as Jacobs sings about the catharsis of love that works, the tumultuous socio-political climate of America in 2017 and the chief exports of her native Northern California. We're happy to have Pi back for Episoe 61 revisited.

Download www.pijacobs.com