Episodes: FFWD

Checking in with...  Loch and Key

Air date: 10.25.2017

Loch and Key

Loch and Key's hushed pop is a like a voyeur's peek into the artistic world of singer/lyricist Leyla Hoffman Akdogan and guitarist/producer Sean Hoffman. Akdogan's breathy, hushed vocals are reminiscent of what one might imagine an angel would whisper into your ear in order to gently coax you into making the right choice in life and love. And Hoffman's inventive production and deft guitar playing provides a perfect counterpart to Akdogan’s personal lyrics. Loch and Key first joined us for episode 14 in June of 2011, and we’re happy to have them back to talk about their new album, Slow Fade. Slow Fade grooves more than their debut – 2010’s entrancing Jupiter's Guide for Submariners – and their new songs continue to push Loch and Key's sound beyond their acoustic folk origins by expanding in both whimsical and adventurous directions.

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