Episodes: FFWD

Checking in with...  Jeff Crosby

Air date: 11.17.2017

Jeff Crosby

Jeff Crosby is a songwriter with a rambler's heart and an astute, natural feel for delivering his songs. His brand-new record, Postcards from Magdalena, plays like a travelogue, and Crosby knows it's the intimate details of his adventures and misadventures that make his listeners feel that they're part of the story. Crosby joined us on Independent's day for episode 140 in September of 2014, and the last three years have been quite a ride for this Idaho-born musician who currently resides in Nashville. Crosby never lays his head in one place for long, and we're all the better for it. This Independent's Day exclusive performance of "Best $25 I Ever Spent" is a perfect example of the kind of songs Crosby is writing at this stage of his career.

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