• Countless Thousands
    Episode 32:  Countless Thousands  11.30.11

    The sound that the three-piece band Countless Thousands makes can only be described as aggressive-uptempo-hard geek-rock. But words don't adequately describe what these guys do with their instruments. They're punk, but refined; loud, but tight; aggressive, but articulate - and they're anything but boring. And maybe this should be e...  read more

  • Brokedown in Bakersfield
    Episode 31:  Brokedown in Bakersfield  11.23.11
    In some circles, the names Merle, Buck and Gram don't require surnames. They're patron saints of a style of music that continues to inspire countless imitators - and although imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, Brokedown in Bakersfield is no cheap knock off. Assembled from the cream of the crop of Bay Area musicians, the 6-piece ban...  read more
  • Manhattan Murder Mystery
    Episode 30:  Manhattan Murder Mystery  11.9.11
    Riffs, snappy songs, raw vocals and post-punk attitude are what the Los Angeles-based band Manhattan Murder Mystery brings to their powerful music. Somewhere between the bottle that singer and guitarist Matt Teardrop turns to for inspiration and the pathos of a hardscrabble life of heartbreak lies the emotional center of the band. They joined us s...  read more
  • Tony Piscotti
    Episode 29:  Tony Piscotti  10.26.11
    Tony Piscotti is an intricate guitarist and inventive songwriter. Not intricate-bad, as in ponderous or pretentious, but intricate-good, because his catchy and facile compositions draw you in. Not one to just strum a G-chord under his lilting melodies, Piscotti isn't afraid to explore alternate tunings on his acoustic guitar in order to establish ...  read more
  • The World Record
    Episode 28:  The World Record  10.19.11
    Andy Creighton gets around, and by that we mean that he plays in a number of buzzy LA bands - among them Apex Manor, Big Search and The Parsons Red Heads. Somehow, he still has time to front his own project called The World Record. Stylistically, The World Record resides somewhere in the neighborhood of the king of the garage rockers, The Kinks. ...  read more
  • Brandon Schott
    Episode 27:  Brandon Schott  10.5.11
    In the world of crafty pop songwriters, there is a rift between devotees of The Beatles' watershed, Sgt. Pepper's, and those who think that the more innovative album was The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds. Scruffy songsmiths have spent countless hours in bars debating the relative merits of both albums over clove cigarettes and cheap beer. Los Angeles-bas...  read more
  • Monica Lewis
    Episode 26:  Monica Lewis  9.28.11
    Try and imagine a simpler time - a time before on-demand entertainment and endless digital distractions. One might call it a golden age, and legendary singer and actress Monica Lewis was there for all of it. A true Hollywood beauty with bona fide talent, Lewis was known as "America's Singing Sweetheart," and her resume includes turns with more st...  read more
  • Brian Felsen of CDBaby
    Episode 25:  Brian Felsen of CDBaby  9.21.11
    CDBaby is a beautiful anomaly. As the music industry has contracted and become a bastion of seemingly soulless corporate behemoths, the little website that founder Derek Sivers created in 1997 to start selling his music online has grown to handle CD sales and digital downloads for nearly 300,000 artists - and they did so by embodying a genuinely i...  read more
  • Neighborhood Bullys
    Episode 24:  Neighborhood Bullys  8.31.11
    Just like The Dude, out there taking it easy for all of us sinners, The Neighborhood Bullys have taken up the flag of no-BS rock and roll for the good of everyone. In a world of manufactured synth-pop divas, wannabe metalheads and softhearted boys wearing eyeliner, the Bullys' elemental ethos is a breath of fresh air that hits you with gale force. ...  read more
  • Glen Iris
    Episode 23:  Glen Iris  8.24.11
    The origin of Glen Iris can be traced to the symbiotic relationship between poet and singer Debbie Miller and musician Steve Marr. Miller's carefully penned poems longed for music to inhabit and Marr's songs and melodies lacked lyrics to help them fly. When they met in 2007, they quickly discovered that their combined talents formed a cohesive who...  read more
  • Jack Littman
    Episode 22:  Jack Littman  8.17.11
    LA native Jack Littman started off being inspired by classic rock stalwarts like Neil Young, Bob Marley and Roy Orbison. But Littman is also part of the new generation of artists who grew up with ever present hip-hop and alternative styles on the radio. Since looking back wasn't enough, Littman dumped all his influences, old and new, into a blender...  read more
  • Nikki Lang
    Episode 21:  Nikki Lang  8.10.11
    Singer and songwriter Nikki Lang is indeed young, but her comfortable and confident style shows more promise than many artists twice her age. Since penning her first song by the age of twelve, Lang has been on a tear - touring far beyond her hometown of Los Angeles, recording an EP called Feel Better and working with some heavy hitters in the indu...  read more
  • Nick Bobetsky of Plaid Elephant Management
    Episode 20:  Nick Bobetsky of Plaid Elephant Management  8.3.11
    Bobetsky loves independent music and he pulls no punches when talking about the changes in the music business. His dynamic company, Plaid Elephant, provides artists with a wide range of services: from consulting to music management, music supervision and music licensing. He has watched the industry change around him and kept abreast of the latest...  read more
  • Don Bodin
    Episode 19:  Don Bodin  7.27.11

    Bodin got his start like a lot of kids did, woodshedding guitar in his bedroom for hours and playing in local bands. But Bodin had bigger plans. After a stint producing bands such as Kill Hannah and American Jet Set in Chicago, Bodin packed up and moved to Los Angeles with the goal of getting his music on the big screen - and he has succeeded....  read more

  • Eugene Edwards
    Episode 18:  Eugene Edwards  7.20.11

    Edwards is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, indie pop journeyman, performer, guitarist, vocalist, actor and consummate frontman who leads his eponymous Eugene Edwards Band. Eugene and his band espouse a Springsteen-esque work ethic combined with an Elvis Costello sensibility.

      read more
  • Morgan Margolis and Bruce Duff of Knitting Factory Records
    Episode 17:  Morgan Margolis and Bruce Duff of Knitting Factory Records  7.13.11
    The new media environment is a tumultuous place. Many companies are holding on by diversifying - record labels aren’t just making records anymore. Morgan Margolis and Bruce Duff have eked out careers in a business that started out as a live music venue. Knitting Factory then branched out into the record business and artist management. How do th...  read more
  • Marc Nathan
    Episode 16:  Marc Nathan  6.29.11
    Nathan has the kind of experience in the music business that is at once rare and common. He hustled his way in working for a record label when he was only 15 years old and rode the wave of the heyday of rock & roll. Since his early start he has worked in A&R, promotions, artist management and for a major music electronics company. His dance card in...  read more
  • Calexico co-founder, John Convertino
    Episode 15:  Calexico co-founder, John Convertino  6.22.11
    Calexico is the seminal desert noir band. Their music is a melting pot where traditional Latin and southwestern elements of mariachi, conjunto, cumbia and Tejano styles peacefully and harmoniously coexist with alt-country, indie rock and a trace of jazz. Founded in 1996 by singer Joey Burns and drummer John Convertino at the University of Californi...  read more
  • Loch and Key
    Episode 14:  Loch and Key  6.15.11
    Sean Hoffman's brilliantly facile guitar work and Leyla Akdogan's hushed vocals form the nucleus of the duo Loch and Key. Their debut album, Jupiter's Guide for Submariners, is a love song to the artistically area just north of downtown Los Angeles. Their ethereal mix of bossa nova, folk and pop perfectly complements the band's beautifully endearin...  read more
  • Patrolled By Radar
    Episode 13:  Patrolled By Radar  6.8.11

    Singer-songwriter Jay Souza and his quartet are journeymen on the LA music scene. They play a confident and catchy amalgam of folk, rock, country, blues and soul that is cohesive enough to make people think that it's really just one style - rock and roll. Their core sound flirts with both rock and country without making the other feel jeal...  read more

  • Correatown
    Episode 12:  Correatown  6.1.11
    Correatown is the brainchild of singer and writer Angela Correa. The band is an anomaly in the fertile scene centered in Los Angleles’ east side and Echo Park area. Rather than flirting with the traditional twangy folk and indie rock of the local bands, Correatown molds its complex sound out of washy guitars, pop-y synths and ethereal harmonies...  read more
  • Ross Flournoy
    Episode 11:  Ross Flournoy  5.25.11
    Flournoy first made waves on the LA scene with The Brokedown - the band that eventually would become indie darlings The Broken West. The Broken West toured nationally and garnered critical praise and a loyal fan base. When the band folded in 2009, Flournoy cured a case of writer's block with a little help from NPR and then picked up where he'd left...  read more
  • Rick Shea
    Episode 10:  Rick Shea  5.18.11

    Rick Shea is a journeyman guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, writer and singer who wields his Telecastser with a deft touch reminiscent of Mark Knopfler and the best of Bakersfield twangers. He grew up in San Bernardino, California, back when the town was an outpost at the very farthest reaches of Los Angeles’ empire. San Bernar...  read more

  • Dafni
    Episode 9:  Dafni  5.11.11
    Dafni is a singer/songwriter who centers her melting pot of folk, jazz, pop and other styles with her breezy vocals and several albums’ worth of accessible songs. She'’s a true professional with a work ethic that gets her scores of gigs while other musicians are still trying to decide which hat to wear to their shows. She’s a modern day ren...  read more
  • Maxim Ludwig
    Episode 8:  Maxim Ludwig  5.4.11
    Ludwig is the bastard son of a Born To Run-era Bruce Springsteen and country rock pioneer Gram Parsons. In other words, his music is replete with roots rock earnestness in a time when wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve may not be in fashion. His confident melodies will get you singing along in no time and his able backup band, The Santa Fe Se...  read more
  • Mason aka Jason Taylorson
    Episode 7:  Mason aka Jason Taylorson  4.14.11
    Mason is a man of many talents. Aside from being an artist, musician and music producer, he made a name for himself by building a music scene centered around the Taix 321 Lounge, located within the Taix French Restaurant in Echo Park. Mason built this scene the only way an honest working guy from Chicago could… by building it from the ground up...  read more
  • Omar D. Brancato
    Episode 6:  Omar D. Brancato  4.6.11
    Omar D. Brancato is a musical chameleon... he can be found writing, arranging and recording band and theme park arrangements in his studio, odibeestudios. You can find him onstage acting and playing bass simultaneously in the musical: Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story. And if that isn't enough, you just might find him putting on a little make up and r...  read more
  • Leftover Cuties
    Episode 5:  Leftover Cuties  3.30.11
    Leftover Cuties play infectious Edith Piaf-influenced modern cabaret pop. They'’re starting to make waves around town… their music can be heard on FX’s Justified and Showtime’s The Big C, starring Laura Linney. They have an EP called “Game Called Life” and will be releasing their full-length debut, “Places to Go” (produced by Tony ...  read more
  • John Hoskinson
    Episode 4:  John Hoskinson  3.23.11
    Hoskinson is a songwriter’s songwriter whose most recent record is Pancho Fantastico. The album is a tour de force of crafty songwriting, unforgettable melodies and Hoskinson’s signature vocal style.  read more
  • Robbie Rist
    Episode 3:  Robbie Rist  3.16.11
    Robbie is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, actor, voiceover artist, radio personality and all around interesting guy who possesses a manic wit and an unparalleled level of verbosity.  read more
  • Brian Whelan of Wheelhouse
    Episode 2:  Brian Whelan of Wheelhouse  3.9.11
    Brian is perhaps the youngest journeyman on the LA music scene, racking up an impressive list of credits as a band member and sideman with artists like The Broken West, Mike Stinson, Randy Weeks, Tony Gilkyson, Eugene Edwards, Dwight Yoakam and a host of others. He has stepped out of the shadow next to the drum riser, swapped his bass for a Teleca...  read more
  • Jason Mandell of The Coals
    Episode 1:  Jason Mandell of The Coals  3.2.11
    Mandell writes Townes Van Zandt-inspired songs for the new millennium - backed by a tasteful and musically mature band. Mandell’s songs about world-weary ramblings are laid on the dusty but hallowed altar in the House of Gram. The Coals’ new CD, Bring Your Love On Back. includes guest vocals by Sarah Watkins of Nickel Creek.  read more