• Philip Boone
    Episode 63:  Philip Boone  12.19.12
    Once upon a time in late 1960s, a few scruffy musicians decided that country and rock music were two great tastes that tasted great together. And thus was born a new style of music that retained elements of both while staking out some new stylistic territory. Philip Boone is a Southern California-based musician who is richly steeped in this countr...  read more
  • Freedy Johnston
    Episode 62:  Freedy Johnston  12.12.12
    After spending his formative years in the small central Kansas town of Kinsley (population 1,457), Freedy Johnston followed the tried and true path of many musicians - he went away to college and then dropped out to chase his dreams. A sign in his hometown had a pair of arrows that pointed in either direction towards New York City and San Francisco...  read more
  • Pi Jacobs
    Episode 61:  Pi Jacobs  12.5.12
    Pi Jacobs' confident but tasteful singing style is a breath of fresh air in an age of diva singers who have themselves convinced that they're getting paid by the note. She can torch it up with the best of them with blue note runs, a bit of grit and strategically placed vibrato, and her songs are custom fit to showcase a respect for musical integrit...  read more
  • First Circuit
    Episode 60:  First Circuit  11.28.12
    The pedal steel guitar is usually an instrument reserved for country and western music. Its complicated, pitch-changing levers and pedals, volume swells and lack of frets gives the high and lonesome music of rural America its distinctive weepy sound. But some artists push the instrument into new territory, notably uber-producer Daniel Lanois, who ...  read more
    Episode 59:  WALLA  11.21.12
    Pop music has changed a lot over the years. Charts that used to be full of artists like Bobby Vinton, The Beatles and eventually Madonna and Michael Jackson are now ruled by the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Dictionary.com defines pop music as "Music of general appeal to teenagers; a bland watered-down version of rock and roll with more rhyth...  read more
  • Grant Langston
    Episode 58:  Grant Langston  11.14.12
    Although it can seem so by people who don't like it, country music is not a singular, boot-and-hat-wearing monolith. When viewed close up, there are as many variations and subgenres in the style as there are diverse artists are who invented them. And although Nashville is the undisputed epicenter for what is commonly known as 'country,' some of the...  read more
  • The Henry Clay People
    Episode 57:  The Henry Clay People  11.7.12
    Rock riffs, punk attitude and snappy arrangements are the stock and trade of Los Angeles' Henry Clay People. The band is led by brothers Joey and Andy Siara, and these guys know their way around a song, and they know their way around a van, as they've been burning up the miles and stages all across the country since 2005 playing at high profile gig...  read more
  • SHEL
    Episode 56:  SHEL  10.10.12
    The entertainment business is full of family acts, from the legacy acts (Jacksons) to the married (Sonny & Cher, Ike and Tina Turner)... from the schmaltzy (The Osmonds) to the semi-fictionalized (The Von Trapp Family Singers). There is simply something special to the sound of a group of people who share family bloodlines or nuptial vows and musica...  read more
  • Mark Lane
    Episode 55:  Mark Lane  9.26.12

    Anyone who has ever tried to write a song or record an album knows the amount of work that goes into getting the seed of an idea from an artist's head, onto tape and into the ears of fans. But the best music happens when all this work sounds effortless and the finished product sounds at once fresh and familiar. Los Angeles' musical fix...  read more

  • Everett Coast
    Episode 54:  Everett Coast  9.19.12

    Musicians have been pairing up for centuries; Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were far from the first musicians to realize the utility of having another voice to complement their own. But writing and performing with another person adds more than just another voice to one's music - it provides another person to share the spoils and tribulation...  read more

  • Brother Sun
    Episode 53:  Brother Sun  9.5.12
    The history of music is full of 'supergroups' - which is when a group of artists who already have established careers decide to band together and form a new group. Sometimes they work - Led Zeppelin was comprised of some of England's top studio musicians from the late 1960s. And sometimes they don't... like the Los Angeles Lakers' talent-overloaded...  read more
  • Skyline Drive
    Episode 52:  Skyline Drive  8.29.12
    Topanga Canyon is a slice of rugged wildness carved out of the dry Santa Monica mountains just miles from Los Angeles' expansive sprawl. The canyon is one of the only undammed watersheds in the area and that sense of unchecked natural beauty has permeated the culture of the area and fostered an exceedingly rich musical tradition. Current Topanga re...  read more
  • John Lafayette Ramey
    Episode 51:  John Lafayette Ramey  8.8.12
    Being a musician means that you sometimes have to work another job to pay the bills. The history of rock music is replete with career balancing acts of one kind of another. Nirvana's Kurt Cobain was a janitor. Van Halen's original front man David Lee Roth was a hospital orderly. Rap empress Queen Latifah worked at Burger King. And then there is Los...  read more
  • Whispering Pines
    Episode 50:  Whispering Pines  8.1.12
    Once upon a time, before the universe was digitized, people made and listened to music using analog technology. On one end, artists, producers and engineers recorded on analog tape and they incorporated the medium's limitations into their process. Tape is hissy, but it is forgiving - and it can make music sound dynamic and close to the listener. An...  read more
  • Laura Warshauer
    Episode 49:  Laura Warshauer  7.25.12
    It is said that you can take the measure of a person by the company they keep, and if this adage holds water then Laura Warshauer is an extremely talented young woman. Her list of cronies includes uber-drummer Kenny Aronoff and Roy Bittan of Bruce Springsteen's venerable East Street Band - as well as a cadre of other well-respected musicians and m...  read more
  • Cities
    Episode 48:  Cities  6.13.12
    Every generation of young musicians builds upon the ones who came before them. In the case of bands like The Beatles or Led Zeppelin, today's young acts are standing on the shoulders of giants. But musicians find inspiration in nonlinear patterns. Front man Bobby Oliver of the Los Angeles-based band Cities cites singer and songwriter Chris Carrabba...  read more
  • Adam Cohen
    Episode 47:  Adam Cohen  6.6.12
    An essential part of the human condition is the innate desire to distinguish oneself from one's parents. Doing so can be hard enough when your father works at a steel mill, but when your father is one of the most highly respected songwriters and musicians in the world, he can cast a long shadow on your own accomplishments. Adam Cohen, son of the le...  read more
  • Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls
    Episode 46:  Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls  5.30.12
    Twangy rock and roll is a good thing. Twangy rock and roll in ¾ time is a better thing. And Twangy rock and roll in ¾ time with accordions is even better still. Maybe even exquisite. Put all three together and add a bit of swagger and you have the music of Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls. But Heath and his band are not just another whiskey-so...  read more
  • Kim Grant
    Episode 45:  Kim Grant  5.23.12
    Sometimes, the genesis of a music scene can be traced back to one person who believes in a band, style or idea so thoroughly that their sheer force of will generates enough buzz to make it a reality. Los Angeles' patron saint of twang Kim Grant is just that sort of person. After cutting her music industry teeth at the famed Green Dolphin Street clu...  read more
  • Grace Weber
    Episode 44:  Grace Weber  5.9.12
    Brooklyn, New York-based singer and songwriter Grace Weber is living the dream of many a young girl from countless small towns who dream of making a big noise in the big city. She has come a long way since she joined Inner City Youth Gospel Choir in her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the tender age of ten. Weber has earned her way with a work ...  read more
  • The Burn Riffs
    Episode 43:  The Burn Riffs  5.2.12
    Two guitars, bass and drums is standard issue rock band territory, so it's often other, more intangible factors that make or break a new act. Usually, it's some indescribable voodoo combination of luck and hard work that gets a band noticed. Luck, as they say, favors the prepared, and that's where the hard work comes in. For the Los Angeles based ...  read more
  • Jess Penner
    Episode 42:  Jess Penner  4.25.12
    Once upon a time, musicians and songwriters shied away from having their music associated with a product or service in a TV commercial. Remember the revolutionary uproar about Nike using a Beatles song to sell running shoes in 1987? Some major artists still hold fast like a bulwark for what they perceive to be artistic integrity. It's easy for Bruc...  read more
  • Cody Hudock
    Episode 41:  Cody Hudock  3.28.12
    Cody Hudock, like so many young musicians, started a band to attract the attention of girls. After slogging it out playing keyboards in the LA-based indie band, Marvelous Toy, he ended up finding one to marry - his wife, Joanna, who now sings with him in his semi-eponymous band, Cody the Band. His music is filled with pop hooks, inventive chord ch...  read more
  • Andrea Hamilton
    Episode 40:  Andrea Hamilton  3.21.12
    Folk-pop chanteuse Andrea Hamilton was well on her way to a successful music career when she was stricken with a mysterious ailment while returning from a tour in Vietnam. Doctors and specialists couldn't seem to determine just what it was, but they did tell her that she'd never sing again. Not content to give up on her dream, Hamilton put her trus...  read more
  • Alyssa Graham
    Episode 39:  Alyssa Graham  3.14.12
    When jazz-influenced singer Alyssa Graham set out to record her new record, Lock, Stock & Soul, she opted to do something few artists attempt in the age of recording albums on laptops. Rather than build the album track by track by overdubbing, she and her producer assembled a group of talented musicians and put them in a room. Together. At the sam...  read more
  • Craig Elkins
    Episode 38:  Craig Elkins  3.7.12
    Craig Elkins' story is a familiar one in the new music universe. Elkins was a founding member of the band Huffamoose, which played the main stage at Woodstock in 1994, got signed to Interscope Records, cracked Billboard's charts, played on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and garnered some effusive praise from rock impresario and film director Cameron...  read more
  • HoneyHoney
    Episode 37:  HoneyHoney  2.22.12

    HoneyHoney is 4th generation country music. Maybe even 5th or more. Their musical thread goes back to early American rural styles and moves forward through time picking up the best elements of every twist and turn of America's other, twangier indigenous music style until it arrives fully formed in our modern hybridized and decentralized mu...  read more

  • Sunken Ships
    Episode 36:  Sunken Ships  2.15.12
    Singer/songwriter Ray Argyle and his band, Sunken Ships, have a sort of musical identity crisis. They bill themselves as playing "a darker shade of folk," but it's their disparate influences that wrest for prominence in their sound. Sunken Ships flirts with organic Americana elements - the standard-issue acoustic guitars are here, but there is some...  read more
  • Scott Bennett
    Episode 35:  Scott Bennett  1.18.12
    Scott Bennett's musical resume reads like no other in the business. There are few aspects of the music industry that he hasn't dabbled in... successfully. He has fronted acclaimed rock bands like A Fine Mess and The Falling Wallendas in his hometown of Chicago. He honed his skills as a first rate multi-instrumentalist on buzzy albums like Liz Phair...  read more
  • Joe Jencks
    Episode 34:  Joe Jencks  1.11.12
    Joe Jencks is one of God's own prototypes. He's an award winning, internationally touring, full-time performer and songwriter. He has played venues ranging from intimate house concerts all the way up to New York's Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. He has shared stages with Pete Seeger, Utah Phillips, John McCutcheon and countless others. Jencks has...  read more
  • Geronimo Getty
    Episode 33:  Geronimo Getty  1.4.12
    Geronimo Getty's scratchy indie-folk plays like the love child of Billy Bragg and John Lee Hooker. Gritty slide guitar wrestles with a perfectly off-kilter fiddle. Loping bass lines snake through the mix between stabs from cracking snare snaps and ramshackle hi-hat flurries. And holding the whole thing together as it careens forward is the band's c...  read more