• Brad Peterson
    Episode 126:  Brad Peterson  12.17.14

    The word ‘maverick’ gets thrown around a lot; politicians, cowboys, designers and others have all been labeled as such when a soul sets itself apart from the mean in order to find out what is truly possible.  Singer/songwriter Brad Peterson exemplifies the ethos of the independent, intrepid musician better than almost anyone. ...  read more

  • Funkyjenn
    Episode 125:  Funkyjenn  12.3.14

    Anyone who has said that girls can’t rock has never heard Funkyjenn sing. This Los Angeles-based chanteuse doesn’t ‘rock’ in the sexually objectified Lita Ford kind of way, but in the storied tradition of women like Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin who had enough power to not merely hang with the boys in the band - but ...  read more

  • Christian Gregory
    Episode 124:  Christian Gregory  11.19.14

    Christian Gregory’s blue-eyed soul comes by way of his home, which is immersed in Britain's rich musical heritage.  He’s certainly not the first resident of the U.K. to slip a little Motown and Memphis into his sound - Van Morrison practically invented the genre long before Gregory was born and rock bands have been getting...  read more

  • Hannah Aldridge
    Episode 123:  Hannah Aldridge  10.29.14

    Hannah Aldridge is steeped in what Drive-By Truckers’ Patterson Hood calls “The Southern Thing” - a phrase that tries to summarize the living, breathing duality of the rich and troubled history of the American South.  Aldridge is based in Nashville these days, but she spent her formative years in the fertile musical turf...  read more

  • We Are Kings and Queens
    Episode 122:  We Are Kings and Queens  10.15.14

    Crafting an album that defines a decade isn’t an easy thing to do, but Radiohead most definitely raised the bar for all modern rock bands when they released OK Computer in 1997.  The band had worked up to that wildly creative period over two previous albums, starting as a more straight-ahead British band before evolving int...  read more

  • Caspar Sonnet
    Episode 121:  Caspar Sonnet  9.24.14

    Experimental art can be an acquired taste, but once it gets into your head nothing else will do.  Classical composer John Cage built a career on doing things differently, and The Beatles transformed from a garage band ripping off Chuck Berry to the biggest band that ever was by experimenting with just how far a pop song could be pushed in...  read more

  • Jeff Crosby
    Episode 120:  Jeff Crosby  9.17.14

    There are a million people out there with a guitar and a voice making music, but Jeff Crosby is a diamond in the rough.  After spending his formative years in Idaho, Crosby set out to establish himself as a professional musician the honest way, by playing his music in front of fans on the road… anywhere that would take him.  B...  read more

  • Calico the band
    Episode 119:  Calico the band  9.3.14

    When people think of the home of country music, they tend to think of Nashville, or maybe Texas, or even anywhere a weepy pedal steel guitar crackles out of the radio of a pickup truck on any of America’s endless dirt and gravel back roads.  But way over the horizon, past where the sun sets over red clay and sagebrush, California ha...  read more

  • Rick Solem
    Episode 118:  Rick Solem  8.27.14

    Music is woven into the city of New Orleans in a way that should make every other city in the world envious.  A stroll through the French Quarter is like being given a well-curated iPod stuck permanently on shuffle.  But it isn’t just a big show for the tourists.  Nearly every take on the human experience has passed throug...  read more

  • Jaime Wyatt
    Episode 117:  Jaime Wyatt  8.20.14

    Jaime Wyatt is what you might imagine Otis Redding would sound like if he had been a young, attractive and talented female singer/songwriter.  Her soulful voice leans on the same blue notes and husky timbre that gave Redding his distinctive and instantly recognizable style. Wyatt’s timeless white woman blues also draws heavily from ...  read more

  • The Walcotts
    Episode 116:  The Walcotts  8.13.14

    American roots music is currently having a Renaissance of sorts, with bands across the country and across the pond ditching their Les Pauls and Marshall half stacks in favor of acoustic instruments, beards and bowler hats.  There are a lot of ways to bring a little bit of yesterday to the new millennium when it comes to music, and Los Ang...  read more

  • Chris Ridenhour: Sharknado 2 composer
    Episode 115:  Chris Ridenhour: Sharknado 2 composer  8.6.14

    Every now and again, an event happens that captures the zeitgeist of America.  Charles Lindbergh’s seminal 1927 crossing of the Atlantic in his rickety airplane was a major milestone in American history, and it brought the young pilot a level of fame that was theretofore unimaginable.  Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the ...  read more

  • Gann Brewer
    Episode 114:  Gann Brewer  7.30.14

    Lots of artists like to sing about wandering, but few log the kind of actual miles that Mississippi-born singer/songwriter Gann Brewer does.  Brewer is a rambler in the truest sense of the word.  Ask him where his home is, and he’ll pause to ponder the question, because the answer might be hard for him to figure.  He has b...  read more

  • Steve Dawson of Dolly Varden
    Episode 113:  Steve Dawson of Dolly Varden  5.28.14

    Chicago’s Dolly Varden is a band that could be called local legends, but the 5-piece has accomplished too much over 19 years, six albums and numerous shows across the U.S. and overseas to be relegated to mere local status.  One half of the songwriting team that fronts Dolly Varden is guitarist and vocalist Steve Dawson.  Dawson...  read more

  • Rich McCulley
    Episode 112:  Rich McCulley  5.21.14

    Rich McCulley’s approach to life might well be called “the Tao of Rock.”  After spending his formative years playing in bands and touring out of California’s agricultural San Joaquin Valley, McCulley fell into working at a recording studio in Fresno.  When he outgrew that gig, he relocated to Los Angeles and s...  read more

  • The Skip Heller Quintet
    Episode 111:  The Skip Heller Quintet  5.14.14

    Skip Heller is a walking encyclopedia - a comprehensive repository of information about music that spans the width and breadth of more artists, songs and history than most music fans will ever even know exists.  And it’s not just trivia.  Heller knows music like a savant sports statistician knows who had the best batting averag...  read more

  • The Far West
    Episode 110:  The Far West  4.30.14

    Music allows us to time travel.  Put on a song that we loved in high school and we are right there, dancing nervously and closely in the gym or cruising out of the parking lot at 2:50pm with the stereo blaring.  And some music takes you to a specific place even if you were never there.  The Far West plays music that would sound ...  read more

  • FinleyKnight
    Episode 109:  FinleyKnight  4.23.14

    Whoever said that nice guys finish last had obviously never been to the American Midwest.  Plenty of heartland dwellers accomplish amazing things in the world without being jerks, and the Chicago-based duo, FinleyKnight, exemplifies the idea that affability can produce great music.  FinleyKnight is comprised of two brothers, John and...  read more

  • Eleni Mandell
    Episode 108:  Eleni Mandell  4.16.14

    Eleni Mandell has managed to carve out a decent career for herself in the last 15 years.  She’s a native of Los Angeles, and that geographical good fortune afforded her the opportunity to immerse herself in the rich musical scene of Southern California during her formative years.  Now that she’s been at it awhile, fans mi...  read more

  • James Byous
    Episode 107:  James Byous  4.2.14

    Every now and again, a young musician comes along who makes you go, "Damn!" Something about the way they turn a rhyme or phrase a melody feels utterly natural in a way that is seldom seen or heard.  James Byous is that kid.  But really, he’s hardly a kid, because his music exudes both a musical maturity and a sensual, blue-eyed s...  read more

  • Anny Celsi
    Episode 106:  Anny Celsi  3.26.14

    Geography can be a strange thing for a musician.  Artists sometimes play the same hometown venues repeatedly trying to build a following but draw far bigger crowds in faraway towns when they’re on the road.  And some artists find that American audiences simply may not get them at all.  In 2006, Paste magazine included Singer...  read more

  • Jimmer Podrasky
    Episode 105:  Jimmer Podrasky  3.12.14

    More than once, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote “There are no second acts in American lives.”  Scholars have long debated what the author meant by that statement, but regardless of intent or implication, when taken literally it can be a stark reality for some people.  Jimmer Podrasky’s first act opened when he cast himsel...  read more

  • Dan Navarro
    Episode 104:  Dan Navarro  3.5.14

    Lowen and Navarro were a beloved acoustic duo with an unorthodox genesis and a premature end.  Formed in Los Angeles in the early 1980s, Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro’s initial success came when they composed the song, “We Belong,” which would become a major chart hit for Pat Benatar in 1984.  They started actively per...  read more

  • Doug Pettibone
    Episode 103:  Doug Pettibone  2.26.14

    In the music world, ‘sideman’ is a term used to describe a member of a band who supports the main act.  Their employment can range from a single gig to a long, steady career with a single marquee artist.  Their job is to make their employer sound good, and the amount of attention they receive can also vary widely – ...  read more

  • Rod Melancon
    Episode 102:  Rod Melancon  2.19.14

    Generations of American kids have whiled away countless hours of high school study hall periods longing to get out of their hometowns.  Some of them never do, instead getting their names inscribed on local bar stools and sending their children to the same teachers in the same halls where they once dreamed of a bigger life.  But some ...  read more

  • Tim Easton
    Episode 101:  Tim Easton  2.12.14

    Although New York and Los Angeles are the twin capitals of the music industry, the center of the Western music universe shifts from time to time as one style or another catches the public’s fancy. Places like Chicago, Seattle, Austin, Minneapolis, Athens, Georgia and other towns have all had their turn as the hottest place to be if you w...  read more

  • Independent's Day 100th Episode
    Episode 100:  Independent's Day 100th Episode  2.5.14

    Independent's Day celebrated its 100th episode with a live event at Chloe's at Golden Road brewing on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014.  Many of the artists who have been guests on ID played live sets, including Brian Whelan, Jess Penner, Loch & Key, Little Lonely, Pi Jacobs, Big Harp, Alias Means and many more.  The episode...  read more

  • The Moth & the Flame
    Episode 99:  The Moth & the Flame  1.29.14

    The origins of electronic music can be traced back to the origins of electronic technology itself.  As soon as tinkerers started creating sounds with synthesized instruments, writers started experimenting and composing music with them. Wholly new styles were created, and more forward thinking established artists started incorporating elec...  read more