• Mad Revival
    Episode 173:  Mad Revival  12.14.16

    A dictionary definition of the word ‘revival’ goes something like: 'restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.' - and this isn’t too far from the truth when describing the Los Angeles-based band, Mad Revival. The former half of their name is derived from the ethos of their frontman, Austra...  read more

  • Tony Gilkyson
    Episode 172:  Tony Gilkyson  11.30.16

    If you want to know what a life well lived in the music business sounds like, give a listen to Tony Gilkyson. Graced with both innate talent and a supportive musical family, Gilkyson has served the muse well - from his own compositions to backing up Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, K.D. Lang, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Dave Alvin and countless others....  read more

  • Jolenes
    Episode 171:  Jolenes  11.16.16

    Supergroups come in all sizes, at least that’s the convention behind Los Angeles’ Jolenes. The three songwriters that form the heart of the band each have their own outfit; Grant Langston’s stalwart band is called the Supermodels, David Serby fronts The Latest Scam, Dan Janisch has a group that plays under his own name and th...  read more

  • AJ Hobbs
    Episode 170:  AJ Hobbs  11.2.16

    Musician AJ Hobbs plays a sort of neo-traditionalist country music that reflects his origins in the desert east of Los Angeles. Hobbs’ childhood home in Riverside County, California was a dusty, backroad tumbleweed junction long before the area grew up to be knows as Southern California’s conservative ‘Inland Empire’ - ...  read more

  • Stumpwaller
    Episode 169:  Stumpwaller  10.19.16

    Stumpwaller is a Los Angeles-based band fronted by a native Alabamian with a penchant for preaching the gospel of rock and roll and outlaw country in the style of a raucous tent revival. Singer Myk Watford’s affinity for Civil War-era murder ballads and southern mythology might seem out of place in Southern California, but the rest of th...  read more

  • Peter Himmelman
    Episode 168:  Peter Himmelman  10.5.16

    Singer-songwriter Peter Himmelman has parlayed his successful career in music into a cottage industry. He got his start in the mid-1980s, long before the Internet revolutionized how people make, distribute and listen to music, and he has continued to evolve by constantly finding new ways to tap into the creative well. Himmelman is prolific, bu...  read more

  • Lasers Lasers Birmingham
    Episode 167:  Lasers Lasers Birmingham  8.24.16

    Lasers Lasers Birmingham is the sort of thing that happens when an experienced musician tests positive for country after years of slogging it out as a sideman in indie bands from the hills of Missouri to the deserts of Arizona. Alex Owen is Lasers Lasers Birmingham, and after recording his first cassette-only demo on his own - includi...  read more

  • Dan Korn
    Episode 166:  Dan Korn  8.10.16

    The United States and Great Britain have a long history of circuitous and reciprocal cultural influence. Rural American blues musicians begat an entire generation of British guitar players in the 1960s and the stream continues to flow both ways. Singer-songwriter Dan Korn is part of the newer Internet-native generations to tap into this artist...  read more

  • Austin McCutchen
    Episode 165:  Austin McCutchen  7.27.16

    Austin McCutchen is a rambler; a young singer-songwriter who wanders - and who wanders with intent - and the characters, experiences and epiphanies large and small that he has along the way form the backbones of his traditionalist country songs. McCutchen wears a hat and boots, but he’s no modern urban cowboy country-pop poster boy. Ther...  read more

  • Nellie Clay
    Episode 164:  Nellie Clay  7.13.16

    Nellie Clay came to Nashville by way of rural Alaska, where she’d spent the better part of the last decade living more or less off the grid. In remote parts of the world without modern conveniences and distractions like electricity and televisions people are forced to entertain themselves - and one another - in the manner in which humans...  read more

  • Sean Hickey
    Episode 163:  Sean Hickey  6.29.16

    Classical music composer Sean Hickey grew up like so many musicians of his generation - forming a band with his friends and blasting Van Halen covers to anyone who would listen, but Hickey’s musical calling ran both deeper and wider than the pop and rock music that was en vogue during his formative years. He studied jazz guitar and compo...  read more

  • Fairbanks and the Lonesome Light
    Episode 162:  Fairbanks and the Lonesome Light  6.15.16

    Fairbanks and the Lonesome Light got their start when two Texas natives found themselves playing in different ensembles in the Austin music scene. When Erik Flores and Amelia Rose Logan closed the circle and decided to work together, both music and romance blossomed and the pair wound up in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood - an artist...  read more

  • Mia Dyson
    Episode 161:  Mia Dyson  6.1.16

    Saying that you are famous in a faraway country is both a punchline and a ruse used by many performers to cover for a lackluster career at home. Australia’s Mia Dyson was born the daughter of a blues musician and guitar luthier, and she made the jump from listening to her parents’ well-curated record collection to being an establis...  read more

  • David Serby
    Episode 160:  David Serby  5.18.16

    David Serby is a stalwart member of Los Angeles’ vibrant roots music community. He’s a local boy, born in North Hollywood, and aside from leading his own band (The Latest Scam) and playing bass for other artists, Serby co-founded The California Roots Union, an advocacy group with a stated mission of “preserving and promoting ...  read more

  • Michael Chinworth
    Episode 159:  Michael Chinworth  5.4.16

    Michael Chinworth spent his formative years in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and rural Indiana before landing at Bennington College in Vermont to study music composition. After graduation, he was looking for a bigger pond with more opportunities and he decided to send himself packing to New York City. But after five years grinding it out in bands in...  read more

  • El Twanguero
    Episode 158:  El Twanguero  4.20.16

    El Twanguero’s blend of American western swing, gypsy jazz and the folk music of his native Spain is a simmering musical tour de force that he serves up hot. You don’t take up the stage name El Twanguero if you can’t play the guitar, and play he does. Tempos are ramped up, fingers race up and down the guitar neck and countles...  read more

  • Fergheart
    Episode 157:  Fergheart  4.6.16

    Fergheart’s Craig Ferguson is an accomplished musician with well over a thousand gigs to his credit. He leads an award-winning bluegrass ensemble, has spent seven years backing roots music mashup master Cliff Wagner, has numerous performance credits on live television and over fifty placements on film and TV. Through innate talent and ha...  read more

  • Sean Watkins
    Episode 156:  Sean Watkins  3.23.16

    Sean Watkins has been a professional musician since he wasn’t yet old enough to drive. Along with his talented sister, Sara, Watkins formed the progressive acoustic trio Nickel Creek after meeting mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile at a pizza parlor bluegrass jam in North County, San Diego when they were still kids in 1990. The chemistry betw...  read more

  • The L.A. Choral Lab
    Episode 155:  The L.A. Choral Lab  3.9.16

    In 2014, composer and pianist Michael Alfera was struggling with life choices and had an epiphany while hiking with a friend. He’d been looking for a new path in his life and his friend asked him some version of that telling question, “What would you do with your life if money wasn’t an issue?” In answering, Alfera&rsqu...  read more

  • Sarah Kramer
    Episode 154:  Sarah Kramer  2.24.16

    Sarah Kramer is a rare bird. Her principal is trumpet, and her mastery of that instrument has earned her a career in which she has rubbed elbows and shared stages with legends like Bo Diddley, Leonard Cohen and Levon Helm. She got her start in New Jersey, studied music in college in New York City and spent some time in Taos, New Mexico, but sh...  read more

  • Chris Laterzo
    Episode 153:  Chris Laterzo  2.10.16

    Take one look at Los Angeles-based musician Chris Laterzo and you’ll have a pretty good idea what his music sounds like. He’s scruffy, with unkempt hair, a 4-day shave and a sleepy-eyed grin; he could easily be a character from one of his own traveling songs who stumbled out of the van and into the desert to chase a butterfly. But ...  read more

  • Circe Link and Christian Nesmith
    Episode 152:  Circe Link and Christian Nesmith  1.27.16

    Technology has changed nearly everything about the way music is made and enjoyed, and it’s easy to lament the ways in which it divides and exploits artists.  Illegal downloading and questionable revenue dispensation from streaming services have seen artists’ incomes plummet, and label support has all but vanished in the new pa...  read more

  • Simone White
    Episode 151:  Simone White  1.13.16

    Simone White comes by her musical talent honestly; her grandmother performed in burlesque shows, her grandfather wrote poetry, her mother played folk music and her aunt wrote pop songs. With this kind of pedigree, it is no surprise that White’s quirky compositions display the kind of assured quality earned by generations in the arts. Tho...  read more