• Chihana
    Episode 196:  Chihana  12.13.17

    Chihana acquired her affinity for traditional blues and rock music from her parents’ music collection - which would be pretty orthodox if it weren’t for the fact that she grew up in Japan. She’s a rare bird to be sure, but her fans don’t listen to her solely because of the curiosity factor of being a young Japanese woma...  read more

  • Jason Scott
    Episode 195:  Jason Scott  11.29.17

    Jason Scott is a songwriter who has built his growing career in music into a cottage industry, with a full schedule and an entire network of musicians based in his native Oklahoma and surrounding states. Some of the gigs are wedding gigs, sure, but don’t let that fool you. Scott is no Murph and the Magictones. He’s a very talented ...  read more

  • Leslie Stevens
    Episode 194:  Leslie Stevens  11.1.17

    Leslie Stevens has one of those voices - it’s a perfectly engaging throwback to Patsy Cline and the golden age of Nashville’s musical matriarchy. It’s the kind of voice that sounds good singing anything, and she’s a natural with a melody. But the thing that keeps people coming back to Stevens is her songwriting. In conv...  read more

  • Sam Marine
    Episode 193:  Sam Marine  10.18.17

    Sam Marine played in bands in his native Gainesville, Florida and New York City before landing Los Angeles a few years back. His brand-new Big Dark City EP is Marine’s third release, and on it he has perfected his particular brand of muscular, country-tinged rock and roll. Call it Americana if you wish, but the genre has always overlappe...  read more

  • Davey and The Midnights
    Episode 192:  Davey and The Midnights  10.4.17

    Davey and the Midnights are a band. Sure, Davey Allen’s name is featured front and center - and for good reason. His tight vibrato tenor and accessible songs are the focal point of the ensemble. But the Midnights are a band like Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers or Bruce Springsteen’s E. Street Band. Something special happens when th...  read more

  • Mojo Monkeys
    Episode 191:  Mojo Monkeys  9.20.17

    David Raven, Billy Watts and Taras Prodaniuk make their living making other people sound good. Their collective credits include albums and tours with Bruce Springsteen, Norah Jones, Dwight Yoakam, Bonnie Raitt, Keith Richards, June Carter Cash, Lucinda Williams, Mike Ness, Dixie Chicks, Richard Thompson, Jim Lauderdale, Peter Himmelman, Buck O...  read more

  • Double Naught Spy Car
    Episode 190:  Double Naught Spy Car  9.6.17

    Musicians make music for all manner of reasons, and Los Angeles’ Double Naught Spy Car is what happens when four ace players get together to make music for themselves. To hear them doing their thing, one might think that the band has an identity crisis. Disparate styles crash against one another like an iceberg and an ocean liner - and t...  read more

  • Suzanne Santo
    Episode 189:  Suzanne Santo  8.23.17

    Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe have been making music as HoneyHoney since 2006, and they have three albums and incalculable touring miles under their belt. After over ten years of grinding it out side by side and making honest headway in the music business, the duo decided to get a little breathing room. Both Jaffe and Santo have things to say on...  read more

  • Ben Bostick
    Episode 188:  Ben Bostick  8.9.17

    Ben Bostick’s gritty baritone is reminiscent of Eddie Vedder fronting a Bakersfield roadhouse house band, and his songs run the gamut from heartfelt, aching ballads to uptempo ruminations on rural bravado and youthful sexual escapades. But Bostick is no bumpkin or bro country pretty boy; he grew up in the Carolina boondocks and studied E...  read more

  • Ronan Chris Murphy
    Episode 187:  Ronan Chris Murphy  7.26.17

    Sometimes, when people set off down a path in life, the universe presents an alternate path. And sometimes, that alternate path turns out to be better suited for the person anyway. As a youngster, Ronan Chris Murphy dreamed of being a rock star, but as soon as he started playing in bands, he also found himself tinkering with nascent home recor...  read more

  • Gerry Spehar
    Episode 186:  Gerry Spehar  7.12.17

    Gerry Spehar’s story is unlike many others’. The first part is pretty standard for a young, aspiring musician; he started out on a Stella guitar given to him by a kindly uncle, honed his chops and hit the road. There was some success - he bummed around Europe, playing anywhere that would have him, and he then returned home and form...  read more

  • Michael Ubaldini
    Episode 185:  Michael Ubaldini  6.28.17

    Michael Ubaldini is a maverick. Stylistically, he could be called a number of things, rocker, traditionalist, punk sympathizer, rockabilly aficionado, renegade country artist - along with a dozen others. Over the course of his multiple-decade career, he has shared stages with some heavy hitters - Lucinda Williams, Brian Setzer, Leon Russell, J...  read more

  • Dan Janisch
    Episode 184:  Dan Janisch  6.14.17

    Dan Janisch is an affable enigma. He has been around the block, and he’s still at it - writing solid songs and playing shows - beholden to no one. He has always operated a bit apart from the mainstream, so much so that he has built a career out of being an outsider. He comprises one third of the songwriting team of the Los Angeles local ...  read more

  • Eli Wulfmeier
    Episode 183:  Eli Wulfmeier  5.31.17

    Most musicians can readily tell you about their influences, but the best musicians can tell you who it was that influenced their influences; they’re always going a step farther back in time and they know full well that all of us here in the current age are standing on the shoulders of the shoulders of giants. The genre of classic rock ca...  read more

  • Vitamin String Quartet
    Episode 182:  Vitamin String Quartet  5.17.17

    Soon after modern pop music supplanted jazz and classical styles as the predominant music for the masses, musicians were arranging pop standards with classical instrumentation. The quality and musical merits of these reverse-engineered explorations ranged from dubious - think elevator music - to the avant-garde. But at its best, the genre both...  read more

  • Sam Morrow
    Episode 181:  Sam Morrow  5.3.17

    Sam Morrow’s take on Americana mines the rich depths of the lineage of Southern Rock and renegade Country with his meaty voice front and center. Morrow’s delivery is powerful and gritty - the kind of voice that could sing the phonebook and make it sound like an anthem. Stylistically, there are shades of Cash, Waylon and Merle on bo...  read more

  • Eric Kufs
    Episode 180:  Eric Kufs  4.19.17

    Eric Kufs got his start in a New York indie-folk trio called Common Rotation. He and his bandmates - Adam Busch and Jordan Katz - were childhood friends who had come of age together, started a band, forged an original sound and established themselves with relentless tours and several albums. Before long, their hard work had paid off and they&r...  read more

  • Dorian Taj
    Episode 179:  Dorian Taj  4.5.17

    Chicago’s Dorian Taj has indie rock bonafides for which a lot of artists would trade their black Converse hi-tops; he got his start in a hardcore punk band, has worked with Bob Mould, released records on Steve Albini’s imprint over the course of his several-album career and he knows his way around an Econoline, but he’s more ...  read more

  • Matt Jaffe & The Distractions
    Episode 178:  Matt Jaffe & The Distractions  3.22.17

    There really isn’t such a thing as precociousness in the music business. One only needs to consider that the Beatles averaged about twenty-two and a half years of age and were already seasoned pros in England when they played their American debut on Ed Sullivan in 1964. Enter California’s Matt Jaffe. Jaffe is young - on the cusp of...  read more

  • Dan Phelps
    Episode 177:  Dan Phelps  2.22.17

    As a youngster, Dan Phelps grew up in the shadow of the music business - quite literally. Phelps’ father was the founder of the Full Sail Recording Workshop, which has since grown into Full Sail University, a technical school that has taught thousands of people how to make a living in the music, film and television industries. With that ...  read more

  • Susan Tunney
    Episode 176:  Susan Tunney  2.8.17

    A precocious Susan Tunney was stuffed into a corset and practicing her dialect for a period piece in her college’s theater program when she had an epiphany. A voice in her head said something akin to, “What am I doing up here pretending to be somebody else?” That moment of artistic clarity found her leaving school and heading...  read more

  • David Luning
    Episode 175:  David Luning  1.25.17

    David Luning and his band are earning their accolades in the best way possible - simply by being good at what they do and by working hard. After high school, Luning left his hometown in Northern California and set out to study film scoring at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music. Things were going just fine until he happened to ...  read more

  • Emily Zuzik
    Episode 174:  Emily Zuzik  1.11.17

    Emily Zuzik’s career in the performing arts is a study in diversification. At varying times, she can call herself a singer, songwriter, guitarist, actress and model - and she has had success at each of these related-but-distinct pursuits. Zuzik has released several records of her own music that range in style from a Sheryl Crow-esque roo...  read more