Episodes: FFWD

Independent's Day's ID FFWD (Fast-Forward) is an opportunity to catch up with artists from the ID family who have previously appeared on the show. ID FFWD's shorter format is the ideal setting in which to get the latest news and hear the newest music from truly exemplary artists.
  • Tim Easton
    FFWD Episode 7:  Tim Easton  10.27.16

    Tim Easton's brand-new record, American Fork, is racking up accolades in the US and beyond. These eight new songs mark a return to full band arrangements after his long-running solo troubadour status. Be sure to turn it up - but make sure you don't take off your thinking cap - because Easton played a political call to action s...  read more

  • Andrea Hamilton
    FFWD Episode 6:  Andrea Hamilton  8.17.16

    Andrea Hamilton is just plain good; she has the kind of voice that would make you listen to her sing listings in the phone book - and the type of songwriting chops to see to it that the phone book stays on the shelf. Her original episode on Independent's Day was Episode 40, which aired on March 21st of 2012. She's back in 2016 with som...  read more

  • Leftover Cuties
    FFWD Episode 5:  Leftover Cuties  8.3.16

    Leftover Cuties were one of the earliest guests on Independent's Day, joining us for Episode 5 in March of 2011 - and they continue to spread smiles wherever they go. We're very glad to have them back to share their lighthearted, bouncy music that is guaranteed to brighten your day.

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  • Amy Blaschke
    FFWD Episode 4:  Amy Blaschke  6.22.16

    Amy Blaschke has been a busy bee since she first joined us on Independent’s Day for Episode 135 on May 20th of 2015. The release of new brand-new album, Breaking the Blues, less than a year after her stellar Opaline makes the two albums ‘Irish twins.’

    Amy stopped by our studios at the Ind...  read more

  • Patrolled By Radar
    FFWD Episode 3:  Patrolled By Radar  5.25.16

    Patrolled By Radar first joined us on Independents Day for lucky Episode 13 on June 8th, 2011. Since then, they've released a new album called Cool Your Jets, and they continue to log thousands of miles maintaining a busy touring scheule.

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  • Nocona
    FFWD Episode 2:  Nocona  4.27.16

    Nocona first joined us on Independents Day for Episode 71 on March 20th, 2013. Their newest album, Long Gone Song, was released in November of 2015, and they've been tearing up stages around the country with their amped-up torch and twang.

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  • Brian Whelan
    FFWD Episode 1:  Brian Whelan  4.1.16

    Guitarist/songwriter/producer Brian Whelan joined us for the 2nd episode of Independent's Day on March 9th of 2011. He dropped by the Independent's Day world headquarters for an ID FFWD check in - and to talk about his stellar new album, Sugarland, as well as the challenges of transitioning from a sideman to a solo artist.

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