Episodes: FFWD

Independent's Day's ID FFWD (Fast-Forward) is an opportunity to catch up with artists from the ID family who have previously appeared on the show. ID FFWD's shorter format is the ideal setting in which to get the latest news and hear the newest music from truly exemplary artists.
  • Jeff Crosby
    FFWD Episode 13:  Jeff Crosby  11.17.17

    Jeff Crosby is a songwriter with a rambler's heart and an astute, natural feel for delivering his songs. His brand-new record, Postcards from Magdalena, plays like a travelogue, and Crosby knows it's the intimate details of his adventures and misadventures that make his listeners feel that they're part of the story. Crosby joined u...  read more

  • Loch and Key
    FFWD Episode 12:  Loch and Key  10.25.17

    Loch and Key's hushed pop is a like a voyeur's peek into the artistic world of singer/lyricist Leyla Hoffman Akdogan and guitarist/producer Sean Hoffman. Akdogan's breathy, hushed vocals are reminiscent of what one might imagine an angel would whisper into your ear in order to gently coax you into making the right choice in li...  read more

  • Pi Jacobs
    FFWD Episode 11:  Pi Jacobs  6.8.17

    Pi Jacobs has come a long way since her first ID episode - #61, way back in December of 2012. She has a new album, recorded after the good people of Traviana Records reached out to her while she was touring the American Southeast. She signed with Traviana and recorded A Little Blue at the label's studio in rural Virginia. It's...  read more

  • Ted Wulfers
    FFWD Episode 10:  Ted Wulfers  4.13.17

    Ted Wulfers grew up playing baseball, dreaming of being in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and idolizing his hometown team, the hapless Chicago Cubs - a legendary baseball franchise that was a lifetime into a World Series drought during which they hadn't won it all since 1908. Fast-forward to November 2nd of 2016. That rainly night in Cleveland...  read more

  • Sarah Kramer
    FFWD Episode 9:  Sarah Kramer  2.28.17

    Sarah Kramer was working on her next record when she first joined us on Independent's Day in February of 2016. That record, Matter of Time, is now finished, and Kramer is distributing it herself - in true maverick form. Given the musical circles in which she moves, the list of players on Matter of Time remains impressive,...  read more

  • Rick Shea
    FFWD Episode 8:  Rick Shea  2.1.17

    Rick Shea first joined us on ID back in May of 2011, and there has been a lot of guitar licks since then. Shea is a journeyman, with a busy schedule as a sideman guitarist and pedal steel player as well as an original singer and songwriter. His affable nature and fluid guitar playing keep his phone ringing for gigs, and we're glad to check...  read more